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About me

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Education History
  • Keller Graduate School, Dual Master's Degrees
  • DeVry University, Bachelor's Degree
Work Experience
  • Web Design & Hosting
  • Custom Websites
my name is kari bovasso
my latest work

web portfolio

Here are some other sites I have done. Please don't judge me! Most of the looks are based on the clients' desired outcome, not my own.

Some of them are very old, in terms of the Internet anyway!

what I do

I got into web design a very long time ago. What started as me hopping on the phone to help friends and family with speaking to their web providers, bloomed into a full-blown business.

Getting an SSL installed, getting a shopping cart to work - all came very easily for me.

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Brand Yourself

Take a look at my other site at creative geekgirl. There, you might see something you'd like for yourself! Contact me now to make it your own. Or tell me what you are looking for and we can build it together.

UI/UX Design

Does your site need custom graphics? Allow me to take care of it for you. or send me your graphics and let's get started!


Need some help from an Organizational Consultant? You know the stuff, it builds up all around you. What do you do with it all? Financial documents a mess, business AND personal. I can help you! Together we can de-clutter your home and/or office, keep only what is pertinent or meaningful to you. Need your tax forms from 1989? They are in box number 4, under Tax Info! Need your Dental Insurance forms from 3 years ago? Look in box 17, Under Dental Insurance. Want to view all your childs artwork from kindergarten? Look in box 1, in your Personal Memories section. I live in/around Saint Tammany Parish. I drive all over the place. If you are in or around the area, you know where Coin du Lestin is? You can gauge where I go. But I am not limited to just local areas! Contact me and maybe we can work something out! Aside from the clutter, I can assist with writing your resume, your business plan, or your portfolio. You name it, I have had experience with it!

Web Design & Hosting

I can have a site up for you within 24 hours, either temporarily or a permanent design. I run a commercial web server, with over 99% uptime, and only planned downtime. I have numerous plans available for either just hosting, setup and maintain the site yourself, or a combination. Let's work it out together!

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contact me

Contact me to get started today. Web design, hosting, or a combination of the two!

  • Las Vegas, NV 89113 USA
  • +1 818 564 0200
  • geekgirl @creativegeekgirl.com

Kari Bovasso

UI/UX & Web Designer