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Here is a collection of some of the sites I have worked on, designed, hosted, what-have-you! Please, if you have any questions, feel free to ask. I am getting back into web hosting for most of the sites I design, especially if they need a shopping cart system, as it cuts down on costs for my clients. My server has had a 99.9% up-time for the last 20 years. Please keep in mind - the looks all vary according to the design and/or style the client wanted, and some even reflect the time period they were created in - some of these are from the 90s! Only in rare cases is the whole site solely from my own input (like this one). These examples include banner entry pages full index pages, WordPress sites, straight galleries, and a variety of differing businesses: service industries, retail sales/e-commerce, and hobby/personal sites. If you see a duplicate, it is most likely a before and after shot for either just the overall design, or from an HTML to a WordPress site, vice-versa, or just a new design style. To pick a new design you'd like, you may visit the showcase I have created at the design page.

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  • creative geekgirl
  • Alameda Island Apparel
  • CS Security
  • Curtis Trucking
  • Ford Falcon
  • JR Enterprises
  • Muse Brigade
  • SED Cutco
  • Charity Cases
  • Square Site
  • Blog Example
  • SEC Cutco
  • 281 Placeholder
  • Custom 404
  • Custom 404
  • Alamedia Graphics - In Progress
  • 281 Motorsports
2010s & Earlier
  • 4Honor Motorsports
  • 281 Motorsports
  • CS Security
  • NuVision Funding
  • BEAS
  • Thrust Decals
  • All Aboard Media
  • Blog Example
  • Deborah Ash
  • Dennis Schuster
  • Dennis Schuster
  • Galleries Example
  • Highroads Media
  • Hippietiques
  • Kari Bovasso
  • Madako
  • Schuster Family Law
  • Testimonials
  • True Minority
  • WordPress
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